Our Approach

With a positive focus and blend of theoretical orientation including cognitive behavioral, we will help you identify and resolve issues that may be getting in your way and causing problems for you at work, in relationships, or in any aspect of your life.  We will help you identify your strengths and goals and help move you from struggling through life to enjoying the journey while embracing the unique person that you are.

How are we unique?

We bring a unique blend of experience by combining clinical skills with a corporate background. We encourage you to work with us as we provide support to a broad range of individuals including but not limited to corporate professionals and business owners, students, seniors, and members of the gay and lesbian community.

Getting Started

To make an appointment, feel free to call or Email us anytime. Please be sure to visit the Forms page prior to our first meeting.

Positive Affirmation!

"If the mind can conceive it, and the heart can believe it - then the body can achieve it!"
- from a quote by Jesse Jackson

Affirmations help you think positively and feel good. Get inspired!